The End Of An Era – A Tribute to Teddy

My father Theodore Adelson came into this world in March 1927 and yesterday, he passed way leaving a legacy that was amazing. He grew up in Cambridge, MA. and graduated from Harvard College and then served in the Navy. He had his share of challenges as he lost both of his parents in 1955 and his brother Norman who died at the age of 18 from a hunting accident. He had two sisters – Marion and Phyllis. Teddy got married in 1949 to Florence Cohen who is still living. He had his first child Robert in 1952. I, Steven came into the world in 1955 followed by my sister Carol in 1958. My father worked for Filene's Basement in the shoe department as a shoe buyer before opening up his famous shoe store, Teddy Shoes in 1957. He started his business with $11,000 with the promise from his parents that he would pay rent if he made money.