“Among other lessons, these unusual times have heightened our appreciation for the indispensable contributions to the supply chains that allows each of us to do our work. The invaluable contributions of Teddy Shoes that make possible the countless classes and performances of Cambridge's cultural scene is a great example. Where would the dance sector be without the thousands of pairs of shoes, costumes and other dancewear that allow us to train, rehearse and present performances? Let's not overlook their importance and let's please support our favorite vendors who have been there for us over the years.”

- José Mateo, Director/Founder, José Mateo Ballet Theatre and Dance for World Community

“Teddy Shoes understands what it means to be "of" a place, and "of" its people. For 60+ years, Steve Adelson and his family have brought the support (literally!) under the feet of countless members of the community, including all in our Central Square neighborhood and beyond, but most especially the dance world. For dancers, shoes become a conduit for expression. We need to trust in the care given to our art through the ballet slippers, the tap and jazz shoes, the flamenco boots, the high-heeled pumps - whatever! - we wear them on our feet. Support Teddy's as they have so finely supported us.”

- Peter DiMuro, Executive Director, The Dance Complex

“Situated in the same block as The Dance Complex in Central Square, Teddy Shoes is the first stop for Cambridge’s dancers who need shoes, tights and other dance gear. When they come into the store they also get the expert attention they deserve -- whether they are young children just starting out or seasoned professionals.”

- Debra Cash, Executive Director, Boston Dance Alliance

"Teddy Shoes has played a critical role in the dance community throughout Cambridge for over 60 years. Steven Adelson and his family have not only provided footwear to aspiring dancers, they have served as a lynchpin in the arts community for decades. Teddy Shoes is a second-generation owned family business in the heart of Central Square, a diverse community at Cambridge's core. Cambridge's families have long supported Teddy Shoes, but the ongoing health and economic crises are seriously testing the business. Supporting Steven and Teddy Shoes during this challenging time  just amplify one person; it impacts the entire dance community in Cambridge. We hope that Cambridge will continue to dance when this pandemic ends, but in order to do so, we must invest in businesses like Teddy Shoes now, before it's too late."

- Theodora Skeadas, Executive Director, Cambridge Local First

“Teddy Shoes is a true staple in the dance community. Steve’s remarkable customer service really makes you feel at easy and confident that you’ll find the right pair of shoes!” 

- Johnny Giraldo, Director, Salsa Y Control Dance 

"While Middle Eastern dance (belly dancing) is often performed barefoot, training and attending classes may put a lot of stress on your feet without appropriate support from dance shoes. I love that I can go to Teddy's Shoes and check a variety of slippers and dance shoes to fulfill that need, and also dance heels for some of my performances."

- Seyyide Sultan, Belly Dance Artist

“We refer our families to brick and mortar stores for dance supplies  both to support the few remaining purveyors of dancewear remaining in the city and for their advice and assistance in fitting and personal care they provide that online suppliers cannot. The importance of comfortable and well fitting dancewear to the development of technique and the enjoyment of dance for dancers cannot be overstated. Teddy Shoes for many years remains a constant and trusted provider of dance staples for our families.”

- Suzy Good, Client Services, Tony Williams Dance Center

“Steve Adelson's diverse and comprehensive selection of dancewear, priority on customer satisfaction with consideration and respect for all makes Teddy Shoes my number one choice for dance apparel and footwear!!”

- Sharon Montella, M.F.A. Dance The Boston Conservatory, Hip Hop and Multicultural Dance Instructor UMass Boston and The Dance Complex

"Teddy Shoes is a great place to find flamenco shoes for beginners, and you can buy them online on their website! Many of our beginner students have purchased not only shoes but castanets, skirts and other flamenco props there, and they are very happy with the results. I highly recommend Teddy Shoes. Buy your flamenco shoes and start dancing with us!" 

- Laura Sánchez, Director and Founder of LSFlamenco, Flamenco Dance School in Central Square, MA.

“Teddy Shoes is important to OrigiNation because we are treated with respect whenever we walk through the doors in Central Square and they are big on supporting local organizations whenever possible. Thank you Teddy Shoes!!”  , 

- Shaumba-Yandje Dibinga, Founding Artistic Director OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center

“The Tango Society of Boston has partnered with Teddy Shoes in various occasions for many years and will continue to recommend them as one the best place not only for professional dancers but for the general public looking for shoes, costumes or other dancewear.”

 - Vicky Magaletta, President, The Tango Society of Boston

“Going to Teddy's is your best bet to get the tap shoes you want! They have a lots of options and plenty of knowledge. They will make sure you leave happy. Teddy Shoes has been there for dancers like me for years! In Boston, they are the best choice for your dance shoe needs!” 

- Aaron Tolson, Professional Tap Dancer Teacher, Professor at the Boston Conservatory

"Teddy Shoes is such a hidden gem in the bustling city of Cambridge! - This is the place to go for all of your dance & performance needs. All genres, all styles for all ages, Steve has got you covered - Many Thanks!"

- Rob Glover Founder, University Swing

"Moved by the front page story in the Globe yesterday about small businesses in Central Square having a very hard time these days, I visited Teddy’s Shoes, which I had passed hundreds of times without ever going in. I had been planning to get new shoes to replace a very worn out pair anyway.

In Teddy’s Shoes I found exactly what I wanted at a price ± thirty percent (30%) lower than downtown. And Steve Adelson, the second generation owner, is very interesting to talk with. Well worth a visit, not just for history and shoes but anything to do with ballet or other forms of dance."

- Jay Shetterly, Customer

"Teddy Shoes is a landmark business in Central Square, Cambridge. As a father of two girls who take dance at the Dance Complex next door, I'm always in need of new ballet or tap shoes.  Teddy's has the best stock of dance shoes anyone could need, something for everyone. History, community and hard-to-find items -- you'll find all that and a warm smile. Make sure to check them out and support this family owned business!"

- Michael Monestime, Exec. Dir. Central Sq. BID

"I have had the good fortune of knowing Steven as both a friend and a customer of his wonderful store, Teddy Shoes, since the 90s, and it has been a very fruitful and reciprocal relationship, and contributed to the happiness of many dancing feet! 

As a lifelong dancer, choreography, teacher, producer, and community organizer, the dancers and other artists I’ve worked/collaborated with, taught, and/or referred to Teddy Shoes, and myself, have always been treated to Steven and his staff’s first rate service, to their generous discounts and always affordable prices, and to their unparalleled selection of both mainstream and specialty footwear, clothing, and accessories, for all forms of movement, and also if one simply wants to be hip and express one’s self through their clothing. We owe part of our longevity and excellence as movement artists to Teddy Shoes, who has helped fulfill our stylistic and functional needs like no other footwear store locally has been able to, and has done so with an inventory that provides for and tailors to the health and support of our bodies. 

As a local business owner, Steven does everything with both good business sense and heart and soul, and this permeates through the store, providing a consistent, welcoming, personable, honest, knowledgeable, and effective experience to every customer I have known to have had the blessing of being served by Teddy Shoes. This heartbeat and Steven’s dedication, spirit of survival, and community collaboration, has proven itself many times over throughout the pandemic, seeing Teddy’s developing their website and marketing materials to a high level that has allowed for convenient and smooth online sales, while providing safe onsite customer and delivery interactions, and a feeling of always being part of a true community-oriented bricks and mortar business! Working with the Cambridge municipality and local media, and brainstorming and collaborating with local businesses and non-profit organizations, like ours, Steven tirelessly and altruistically strengthened the community, while stabilizing, maintaining, and renovating his business in the face of daunting hardships, and serving as an inspiring leadership model and a face for hope and continuance to all. 

Thank you to everyone who has frequented Teddy Shoes, and/or supported them with funding, consulting, and services throughout these tough times, to help ensure that the invaluable Teddy Shoes survives, strengthens, and grows to remain a permanent institution in our community!! Please contact me at (617) 642-1444 or Dan.Yonah.Marshall@gmail.com for any additional information."

- Dan Yonah Marshall, President & Executive Artistic Director Brookline/Cambridge Community Center for the Arts, Inc. (BCCA / CCCA)

"Teddy Shoes have been a fixture in the community for many years. The dedication and commitment doesn’t go unrecognized. The service for individuals and organizations have been greatly appreciated especially by our Church Dance Ministry. "

- D.Jones, Union Baptist Church