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Teddy Shoes Rewards

  1. You come into the store, and ask for a Teddy Shoes Rewards Card that will identify you as a rewards member.
  2. Whenever you want to make a purchase, you present your rewards card for credit.
  3. After twelve ( 12 ) purchases, we will calculate the average of the twelve transations and issue a FREE merchandise gift certificate for this amount.


  • You will receive a free merchandise gift certificate for the average amount of twelve ( 12 ) purchases.
  • There is no time limit on how long it can take to make twelve purchases.
  • You may buy for other members of your family on the same card.
  • Once twelve purchases are made, and you receive your gift certificate, you may begin the program anew.
  • Returns, or exchanges are allowed provided that the amount of the return is deducted from the current balance on the card.
  • If a return is made after a gift certificate has been issues, the amount of the gift certificate is deducted from the return.
  • All card holders are responsible for their cards. Credit can not be given for lost cards.
  • Layaways and sale items are exempt from this program.
  • All gift certificates expire one year after the date of issue.

About Us

We pride ourselves on making life-long customers. Read more about what makes us a destination for our clients!
We work hard to insure proper shoe fit, treat everyone with friendly, attentive service and strive hard to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Whether it be stretching a dance shoe, giving away a free set of cushion insoles or keeping all stocked items on hand at all times, our shoppers know that their experience will be an enjoyable, fruitful one. We are a family owned business that began in 1957.
We've become well known for our vast selection of dancing supplies, hats, men's dress shoes, casual shoes and sneakers, children's and infant's shoes as well as women's shoes, boots and wide widths. We also sell women's high heels and large sizes (up to size 16).


548 Mass. Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

email: teddyshoes@aol.com


617-547-0443, 617-354-2987

Hours: Mon - Th 10 – 7, Fri 10 – 8, Sat 10 – 6 and Sun 12 – 5




Location: Central Square, Cambridge 548 Mass. Avenue on the Red Line

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